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MTCdryprotect System

Montauk Tackle Co.’s performance sportswear is built from the ground up with technology designed for the active coastal lifestyle. But you don’t have to live on the coast to take advantage of the style and advanced comfort of our MTCdryprotect System. Whether you’re on the trail or on the slopes, riding rapids or chasing stripers, our fabrics perform as hard as you do.

50+ UPF 50+UPF – rated fabrics are the core of our offering. All Montauk Tackle Co.apparel items are designed to block the harmful rays of the sun while remaining cool, comfortable and colorfast. Our lightweight fabrics breathe and flow with your every movement, allowing you to stay cool and active even on the hottest days.
Moisture Wicking Moisture Wicking – properties are incorporated into our fabrics by design. Nanofibers in the base layer against your skin are engineered to draw perspiration away from your body, in exactly the same way that a wick draws fuel from a lantern. The result is that you stay cool and dry in warm temperatures, or warm and dry in cold, wet conditions. Whether you’re fishing, camping, mountaineering or hitting the back 9, you’ll always enjoy the cool, dry comfort of Montauk Tackle Co. apparel.
Stain Release Stain Release – nanotechnology employs fibers in a hydrostatic weave that acts to repel spills and splashes that would ruin traditional fabrics. Designed for the intense demands of open-ocean trophy fishing, our fabrics can take just about anything you throw at them, from perspiration to grass to the occasional spilled glass of red wine. Whatever you get into, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you can get it out again.
Antimicrobial Antimicrobial – nano-particles are incorporated into the finish of all of our textiles to inhibit microorganism growth, control odor and preserve the life of our fabrics. This is not a chemical bactericide, but rather a layer of micro-particle metallic alloys bonded onto the textile fibers. These alloys inhibit microbial growth using a completely nontoxic approach: making Montauk Tackle Co. apparel a great way to both look and smell your best, no matter how active you are.