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Proud To Be Made In America.

Why do we make our Performance Apparel in the USA?  Simply put, it’s the right thing to do.

Every American made garment that we produce is made possible by a diverse group of talented American professionals and businesses, and every Montauk Tackle Company product you buy helps revitalize and energize businesses, local families, and American made craftsman traditions.

People like Jeffie with a sharp eye for quality and detail, leads her group in sewing each piece of fabric together using American-made craftsman tradition in the historic Garment District of New York City.

Mike and his team on the East Coast ensure that our embroidery of our double hook logo is a stitch above with an eye on detail.

And making sure our gear is made in the USA down to the last detail. Denise and her local shop in New York over looks all of our silk-screen work. Making sure our designs and logo’s are spot on before it is all labeled, folded and packaged right here at home.

All of us thank you for the great support you have expressed, for being fans and awesome customers. The repeat business is overwhelming and reassures us that we are on the right path. Buying American Made is the right thing to do, and we trust that you’ll continue to find as we do, it is more than that – Made In The U.S.A. is what makes it possible for Montauk Tackle to offer you the finest outdoor apparel on the planet.