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Montauk Tackle Company was built to design and produce the finest American made sun protective apparel available. But it’s about more than that. It’s also about celebrating this incredible land of ours and its amazing people, our incredible coastlines that embrace our waters; the mountains and forests, and industries that thrive in them; the vibrant cities; the rural villages; the vacation getaways and the hardworking industry towns. It’s about the great American outdoors, and the great Americans who work and play in them.

The essence of American coastal living has been embraced over the years by Montauk Point’s various inhabitants and visitors, from the Montaukett Native American Tribe to pirates and rum runners, to farmers, artists, families, and vacationers. This coastal living heritage is embodied in our line of performance wear.

Montauk Tackle designs are made with our sustainable recycled fibers allowing light weight, breathable sun protecting comfort for all your on the water needs.


50+UPF Sun Protection

50+UPF – rated fabrics are the core of all Montauk Tackle Co. apparel. Sun Protection infused at the yarn level is designed to block the harmful rays of the sun all day long while keeping you cool and comfortable.

Moisture Wicking, Antimicrobial. Stain Release.

Nano-particles are infused into the yarn to inhibit microorganism growth, control odor and preserve the life of our fabrics. Other nano-technologies are infused at the base layer against your skin and engineered to draw perspiration away from your body. We also employ fibers in a hydrostatic weave that acts to repel spills and splashes that would ruin traditional fabrics.

Montauk’s Recycled Fabric

Our fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles. We estimate 8 plastic bottles have been repurposed into each one of our sun shirts. Our fabric partner was selected because they actually collect their own plastic bottles and feed them into a vertically integrated process to create Montauk’s engineered recycled smart fabrics. It allows our apparel to tell an amazing certifiably sustainability story—traceable and transparent.



The Herman Lucerne Memorial Foundation is dedicated to preserving, protecting, supporting, and enhancing the resources that enable the rich angler experiences of the Everglades and Florida Bay for today and for the generations to come.

The opportunity for anglers of today and future generations to experience the unique and abundant environment of the Everglades and Florida Bay is under constant threat. The delicate ecosystems of the Everglades and Florida Bay, as well as the angler enabling infrastructure are critically vulnerable to the external forces of water resource management, National Park Service funding, and conflicted resource management planning/access issues.

The Herman Lucerne Memorial foundation devotes its time and resources to:

  • Raising awareness of the issues facing the Everglades and Florida Bay.
  • Raising funds to support initiatives that specifically address the environmental and angler issues of the Everglades and Florida Bay.
  • Building communities to amplify our voice.


  • Their Vision

Establish the International Game Fish Association as the most widely recognized authority on game fish and angling-related matters in the world

  • Their Mission

The IGFA is a nonprofit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices, through science, education, rule making record keeping and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of angling.


On average, billions of gallons of nutrient-laden fresh water flow into our lower estuaries via the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers every day. The concern to our estuaries is not just that these unnatural discharges contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicide, high nutrient loads and bacteria which have led to public health warnings; the volume of the fresh water alone is enough to disrupt our fragile marine ecosystems. The nutrients, and other pollutants, enter our waters through agricultural and urban areas in the center of the state, mostly north of Lake Okeechobee. Our state needs land in the Everglades Agricultural Area necessary to clean the Lake Okeechobee discharge water in an attempt to restore natural sheet flow to Everglades National Park and Florida Bay. This will take large tracts of contiguous land for the construction of storm water treatment areas that will substantially reduce phosphorous and nitrogen levels in the water. Nutrient reduction is critical so we do not simply send our problem south. We have a long-term solution that is backed by science, yet politicians and certain interested agricultural corporations are busy finger-pointing and spending money pursuing half-measures and unsustainable so-called “solutions”. We have the opportunity to fix this recurring problem utilizing funds readily available through Amendment 1, but time is of the essence. We must take action now on the only viable long-term solution available – restoring the natural flow by purchasing land to treat and convey Lake Okeechobee water south. We who depend on the water for our income are losing faith as we watch our estuaries die before our eyes. The only way we will be able to sleep at night is to know that we are acting to implement a real, long-term solution.




There Are Many Benefits Utilizing Titanium Dioxide in Montauk Tackle’s Sun Protecting Clothing: Excellent Sun Protection, Longevity, Eco-Friendly.


"5 Reasons Why 50+ UPF Sun Protection Clothing is a Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts"