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Why Montauk Tackle Has The Right Sun Protective Clothing For Your Next Day On The Water

Montauk Tackle is a leader in marine clothing and apparel and we are proud to bring our customers the best sun protective clothing made with sustainable recycled fibers. We know that finding the right nautical clothing to wear while you’re boating or staying on the water can be hard to do if you don’t know what you should be looking for. Montauk Tackle is here to help you find your next nautical outfit!

When you know that you’re going to be out on the water during the day, it’s important to protect yourself against the sun. When looking for sun protective clothing, make sure to choose clothing that has been designed to protect against the sun and has been tested to confirm its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). UPF is a rating system used for apparel, and the testing gauges how effective the fabric is against ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B light (UVA & UVB). UPF clothing goes through testing at independent labs where the labs determine how effective the fabric is at blocking UV radiation.

When you’re looking for nautical outfits and UPF clothing to protect yourself against the sun, there are a few things to consider. The tightness of a fabric’s weave is important to look at, as fabric that is more tightly woven with smaller holes to let the sun’s rays in is more protective than loosely woven fabric. Darker fabrics tend to block more UV radiation than lighter fabrics, in fact a white cotton T-shirt is ineffective as sun protective clothing, and has a UPF rating of 5. Another thing to consider when purchasing nautical clothing is how the shirt fits. A looser fitting shirt would be more effective against the sun than a tight fitting shirt, because if the shirt is stretching against your skin there are more holes in the fabric for the UV radiation to sneak through.

scuba stich sun shirt

Our Scuba Stitch Sun Shirt is a long sleeve performance shirt made with a lightweight material that incorporates our signature MTCdryprotect system™ smart fabric to help you stay cool, dry and protected from the sun. All of our performance shirts feature 50+UPF sun protection, moisture wicking, stain release and antimicrobial technologies. Our fabric is designed to block the harmful rays of the sun while keeping the fabric cool and comfortable. This performance scuba stitch t-shirt will instantly become part of your wardrobe for whatever you find yourself doing on or near the water.

Don’t Forget to Pack Montauk Tackle

Montauk Tackle is proud to bring our customers the best sun protective apparel made with sustainable recycled fibers. Our men’s and women’s nautical clothing features material that is lightweight and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your time in the sun. You can rest, relax, and indulge in those warm sun rays!

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