February 22, 2020

What To Wear & How To Layer Your Winter Clothes For Skiing

Skiing is a great activity for the winter months and it gives you the chance to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. If you’re planning to take a ski trip this winter, you’ll need to make sure you pack the right winter clothes to stay warm and dry on the slopes. No one wants to spend the day wet and freezing on the mountain.

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If you’re not sure what cold weather gear to wear skiing, or how to layer your winter clothes, we have some tips for you.

First off, make sure to wear a base layer. You’ll want to wear a base layer that wicks moisture away from your body. Whatever you do, avoid wearing a cotton base layer, as the cotton will hold the moisture against your skin and will leave you feeling cold and wet once you begin to sweat. The best choices in fabric for your base layer should be synthetic fabrics or wool.Montauk Tackle’s Baselayer Crewneck is made with slightly puffier fibers that have been spun at a high speed which makes for a super soft warm cozy feel. Our base layer wicks moisture, resists odor, and dries in a flash.

Next you’ll want to wear a mid layer, typically a pullover or a lightweight fleece jacket. The purpose of the mid layer is to keep the heat in. Don’t wear anything too bulky as your mid layer, otherwise you will have trouble skiing!

Lastly, wear a winter coat over the other two layers. Most people would think that it is ok to just wear a hoodie and a coat when they hit the slopes, but if you don’t wear a base layer, you are setting yourself up to have a miserable day being wet and cold on the mountain.

Make sure to keep your extremities warm by wearing the proper gloves, socks, and boots. Often our extremities are where we first notice the cold, and if you don’t properly cover them you’ll probably be spending half the day in the ski lodge trying to stay warm (which if you’re as good of a skier as me is probably a better idea). Make sure to wear wool socks that keep you warm and make sure that your boots fit. We recommend that your boots don’t fit too tight, because if they are too tight your toes will be cramped and be at risk for frostbite. 

If you dress correctly, wear the proper layers, and protect your extremities, you’re sure to set yourself up for a nice day on the slopes!