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USA Road Trip – Journeying through the Garden of The Gods

USA Road Trip – Journeying through the Garden of The Gods

There are places all over the United States that leave you in awe of nature. Getting outside allows you to get away from the city’s noise and soak in views that will change you forever. There are outdoor adventures that suit every single person, from hiking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, and more. Getting outside creates memories in nature that will last a lifetime.

Colorado is home to some breathtaking scenery, and around every twist and turn of the roads, you seem to uncover a diverse amount of landscapes. One spot in Colorado is the Garden of Gods park. Rocks of oranges and reds rise from the earth in different patterns that encompass the Garden of the Gods. As you stroll throughout the park, you become surrounded by rocks that tower over you and make you feel small amongst these incredible pieces of nature. You can climb through the rocks to truly experience the beauty of this place and get a different vantage point around every turn.

Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, and as you drive in, you will be amazed at the beauty of the deep red rocks that come from the earth. You can decide to hike through the park, get photographs from every angle, climb through the rocks, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

This fantastic park also offers you plenty of opportunities to participate in activities that provide you spectacular adventure. You can grab your friends and family and hop on a jeep tour through the park with a guide that feeds you valuable information throughout your trek. You can also choose to grab your bike and take the trails from a different view while biking throughout the park. Lastly, you can decide to rock climb the 300-foot sandstone rocks and look over to see Pikes Peak in the distance. There are so many adventures to choose from for your Colorado journey that there is a journey everyone in your family will enjoy.

Whatever adventure you choose to partake in a while at Garden of the Gods, packing the right wardrobe will keep you having fun and protected from the sun all day long. Montauk Tackle provides you with 50 UPF + sun protection clothing while also giving you clothing that is sustainable and moisture-wicking. Grab one of their performance crewnecks to wear during your visit to Garden of the Gods to keep your skin protected from the sun while also keeping you cool during warmer days.

Montauk Tackle offers you a variety of options for clothing to wear both during the warm days in Colorado as well as the colder days. Their clothing is created from sustainable fabric that makes high-quality clothing that will last you for years to come. 

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