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USA Road Trip – Carlsbad Caverns National Park

USA Road Trip – Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Being outdoors throughout the year allows you to breathe some fresh air and soak in the nature surrounding you. Whether you are fishing on a flowing river, hiking amongst tall pines, or kayaking in the midst of crystal clear water, the outdoors has endless activities for all to enjoy. The United States boasts scenery that magically changes as you travel east to west and north to south. Every direction you go in this country, you are greeted by constantly revolving scenery that will always pique your interest. Outdoor adventures are calling your name this year, and one unique outdoor experience is nestled on the border of New Mexico and Texas.

Carlsbad Caverns has its home in New Mexico and draws in thousands of people every year from miles around. This magical wonder invites you and your family underground to explore an immense network of caves. Carlsbad is made up of 119 caves all together, and each one has its own personality and character. While you are visiting, you can choose to explore and uncover the caves on your own or join a ranger program that guides you and explains impressive facts about the caves on your journey. As you venture down into these remarkable caves, you will be greeted by stalagmites and formations that will leave you in awe.

There is so much to do at this fantastic park that you can spend an entire day here soaking in the sites and sounds this area has to offers. You can choose to stay above ground and hike the many trails that journey over the caves below. The fun at Carlsbad doesn’t stop when it hits sunset; there is plenty to do and see after it gets dark. Sit back and watch as thousands of bats exit the caves at dawn to go and search for their food. Embark on a journey of stars as you peruse the vast network of stars you can see from Carlsbad Caverns. Whatever you decide to do and see while you are visiting, you will have memories that will last a lifetime.

One important thing to consider while visiting Carlsbad is how much cooler the caves are than the outside air. As you go into these caves, you are getting further and further underground, which means the air temperature will drop drastically. It is essential to pack a light jacket to keep you comfortable during your adventure.

A light jacket that will keep you cool as well as protect you from the sun if you decide to hike later is essential. Montauk Tackle has everything you need to keep you comfortable and protected all day long. Grab one of their Hoodies that will give you 50 UPF+ protection from the sun and give you another layer when you are in cooler temperatures. Their apparel is created in the United States and is made out of sustainable recycled fabric, creating clothing that is durable and dependable. No matter what adventure you decide to have in Carlsbad Caverns, Montauk Tackle has you covered.


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