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The Unsuspected Pollutant that is Causing Destruction to our Ocean’s and Reefs

The Unsuspected Pollutant that is Causing Destruction to our Ocean’s and Reefs

We all want to snorkel, dive and see colorful fish and coral when we do so, but our coral reefs are getting beat up and becoming lifeless. The problem: Pollution.

Pollution is created from many things- trash, fuel, fires, etc., but one source is sunscreen lotions. Surprised? Yep, sunscreen lotions are made with the chemicals octinoxate and oxybenzone and are the sunscreen ingredients that are slowly killing our marine life. This is why in overly populated beaches and coral reefs, like the great barrier reef are experiencing dying reefs. Some coral reefs such as the New Caledonian Barrier Reef, are taking action and sheltering their ocean from this harm. Conservation International has turned 1.3 million square miles of the reef and surrounding waters of New Caledonia the world's largest protected marine park. Their goal is the prevention of destruction, not just treating the issue. This will allow the ocean’s most beautiful and unique sea inhabitants to live in an ecosystem that will support their health and evolution.

Hawaii has also taken action and recently banned sunscreens containing these two poisonous ingredients in sun lotions as well. This ban will hopefully protect the reefs from further destruction. But, this is not the case for every reef on the globe. Most of the bodies of water on the planet are still diseased with contamination. Even if we as individuals cannot control how the reefs are protected or how many people swim in the ocean, we do have control over our contribution to the ecosystem.

The most beneficial thing for us to do is limit our personal pollution. This means keeping track of our trash and being conscious of what sunscreen lotions we apply to our skin. Most sunscreen brands are not reef-safe, and the ones that are cost a little more. But, what if we could save all of that money we spend on sunscreen lotions and purchase just one item that we can use over and over again to protect us from the sun? Here at Montauk Tackle Company, we have created eco-friendly sun-protecting apparel that just might help save our dying reefs. We have a wide selection of 50+ UPF Sun protected clothing designed to be lightweight, breathable, quick-drying and multi-functional.

What sets us apart from other UV protection clothing companies? Our products are made from recycled fibers and long-lasting 50+ UPF sun protection. In fact, our sun protection and other technologies will last the lifetime of the product. Never washes out and will never stops working. Maybe you are going hiking in Patagonia, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, or just going for a jog in your neighborhood. Whatever your next adventure may be, we will have you prepared!

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