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The Rocky Mountains serve as the shiniest jewels of the United States.

The Rocky Mountains serve as the shiniest jewels of the United States.

The Rocky Mountains welcome up to 3 million travelers from around the world each year. In no time, the visitors fall in love with the high peaks, trails, and lakes of the Rocky Mountains.

Whether you want to climb, ski, or hike, you will be in awe of the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. In fact, the experience of climbing and hiking the Rocky Mountains is unparalleled. The breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains inspire people to write poetry, sing songs, and create art.

Rocky Mountains: The Basics

It is no secret that the Rocky Mountains are gigantic and extend beyond 100 different mountain ranges. The Rocky Mountains extend to 3,000 miles from central New Mexico to all the way to Canada.  It covers six states that include Colorado, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming.

The Growing Wild Life of Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains cover an enormous geographical land that allows different types of wildlife to flourish. For instance, the most common animals you can find in the Rocky Mountains include Elk, Coyotes, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Black Bears, Mountain lions, Grizzly Bears, Ground Squirrel, Lynx, and Wolverine.

Rocky Mountains and Unmatched Peaks

Mountain Elbert is the tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains that is close to Leadville, Colorado. However, the most popular peak is Pike Peak, which is 14,115 feet over sea level.  Since the peak is accessible through the foot, train, car ride, and bike, it has become the most visited peak around the globe. In fact, Pike Peak covers famous mountain towns like Cripple Creek, Canon City, and Colorado Springs.

The Ancient History of Rocky Mountains

Modern civilization loves the Rocky Mountains as much as our ancestors. Researchers even claim that primitive man would hunt and camp on the land. The most recent historical use of the park was three hundred years by Arapaho and Utes.

The first in-depth exploration of the RM began back in the 1540s during the Spanish Conquistador and colonial era. The Rocky Mountains have been a major tourist destination for centuries. The silence and solitude travelers experience on the Rocky Mountain is unlike anything else in the world.

It is no wonder choppers and small planes are not allowed to land on the Rocky Mountains. In fact, there are strict measures in place to minimize the intervention of external sounds and preserve the harmony of nature’s sounds. Unlike Grand Canyon, tourists cannot take multiple flights a day and disturb the local animals.

Gold Deposits of Rocky Mountains

By the late 1850s, the gold rush became synonymous with the region of Pike Peak, which is Denver now. Nonetheless, the gold rush managed to bring thousands of new settlers to search for gold and employment opportunities.

Preservation of the Rocky Mountains

In order to maintain the pristine beauty, natural resources, and growth of wildlife, the American park system has managed to open various parks throughout the RM range. The most famous parks include Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton, and Rocky Mountain National Park. These parks have become the most popular attraction for tourists around the world. Over the years, these parks have become perfect spots for enthusiastic hikers and campers.

What Makes Rocky Mountains So Special?

People who have had the chance to visit the Rocky Mountains praise its magical charm.  There is a good chance you will find magical moments in the Rocky Mountains with your family and friends. The highest stretched paved highway serves as one of the best travel destinations in the world Trail Ridge Road will help you explore the Continental Divide that involves beautiful local valleys and a view of clouds at over 12,000 feet. You can explore the Ribbon Road that extends to almost 50 miles between the marine town and Estes Park.


RM is still one of the oldest and beloved landscapes of the U.S. It took endless controversies before the Rocky Mountain managed to form with other national parks of the U.S. Experienced and avid travelers concur that the Rocky Mountains is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, and has been for thousands of years. If you’re searching for solitude and peace, the Rocky Mountains is bound to become your next favorite spot.

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