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The Florida Keys. A Visitor's Guide to Islamorada.

The Florida Keys. A Visitor's Guide to Islamorada.

Islamorada, or the ‘purple isle’, was first discovered by Spanish explorers in 1513. Located just south of Key Largo and north of Marathon, this tiny archipelago makes for an excellent vacation destination or even day trip if you find yourself in south Florida!

Islamorada’s five hundred year history is filled with hidden gems--literally. In 1733, a Spanish ship fleet was caught in a hurricane and crashed off the coast of the Keys. Years later, divers off the coast of Islamorada discovered the shipwrecks and uncovered golden coins and other riches.

And if the island’s history of treasure hunting isn’t enough to convince you to visit, here are three more fun filled activities you can enjoy on Islamorada.

Make the Fish Fly

Robbie’s Marina is arguably the most popular hotspot on Islamorada. It’s a restaurant, bar, souvenir and apparel shop, that also rents jet skis, leads parasailing tours and fishing expeditions. It’s an all-in-one, outdoor fun spot for the whole family.

But anyone who’s visited this marina knows that the best activity is feeding the tarpon. While most people think of ‘feeding fish’ as a fairly lame and passive activity, at Robbie’s it’s an exciting opportunity to see massive wide mouthed tarpon leap out of the water and take the bait directly out of your hands! Here’s video evidence.

The best part is it’s something everyone in the family can enjoy, and costs less than three dollars per person! (And it’s a great way to see what you’re up against if you plan to fish in the Keys...)

Swim with Dolphins, Sharks, and Sea Lions

Flipper fans won’t want to miss Islamorada’s Theater of the Sea Mammal Marine Park. With over seventy years of marine life experience, Theater of the Sea is a trustworthy yet adventurous and entertaining stop for Florida Keys visitors.

With options to swim with dolphins, sharks, rays and sea lions, and the opportunity to interact with alligators and sea turtles, visitors can learn more about marine mammals native to Florida by swimming alongside them, observing their behaviors, and yes even getting a kiss on the cheek from a dolphin!

Eating at the Twisted Shrimp

This restaurant and bar is a laid-back eatery with a fantastic beachy vibe. The seafood is delicious and definitely reasonably priced considering how fresh it is! There are several fine dining restaurants on Islamorada (including Kaiyo Grill & Sushi Bar, Pierre’s, and Chef Michael’s) but Twisted Shrimp’s fresh catches have secured it a 5 star review on TripAdvisor.

During Covid-19, we’d recommend picking up a po’ boy and taking it to the beach for a sunset picnic. And while we can’t be totally sure, this may be the only place in Florida that offers chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick!

Look the Part

Islamorada, FL is a hub for off shore fishing and fishing the flats. Montauk Tackle’s Scuba Stitch Sun Shirts were made for outdoor activity, particularly on the water. The light, breathable material is moisture wicking and the 50+ SPF smart fabric prevents sunburns while out at sea or on the docks at Robbie’s!

Montauk’s fabrics are made from recycled bottles; an estimated four bottles have been repurposed into each shirt. Further, all of our products American made performance apparel, so you can feel good about supporting the local economy.

You can learn more Montauk Tackle's recycled, sustainable yarn here. Montauk Tackle believes in sustainable, American made clothing that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, from coast to coast! 

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