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The Dangers of Sunscreen Lotions to Our Health

The Dangers of Sunscreen Lotions to Our Health

Did you know that sunscreen lotions are affecting our health? A new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that the two common sunscreen ingredients, octinoxate, and oxybenzone, quickly enter our bloodstream and damages our DNA. The simple act of protecting our skin cells from harmful rays is causing even more destruction to our organs in the long run. The study has correlated sunscreen ingredients with birth defects and hormonal problems. Allergic reactions to sunscreen are also very common.

Sunscreen is now even being referred to as an over-the-counter drug. So why are we putting this toxic stuff on our skin in the first place? We all want to blame it on the sun. But, the sun is a magical ball of fire, giving the earth a free source of energy. It lets our body synthesis vitamin D, a vital nutrient for our brain, immune system, and bones. Without sunshine, we wouldn’t get enough of this nutrient to function properly. Did we mention that vitamin D helps our mood too- it helps our brains fight off mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The wide-known effect of vitamin D deficiency is seasonal affective disorder- the much-avoided outcome of a lack of sunshine. Health care professionals recommend at least 15 minutes of sun exposure a day and double in the winter in order to reap the benefits of vitamin D. So why are we blaming the sun for damaging our skin when we could be paying more attention to the methods we do to protect our skin.

Did you know that in the evolutionary days, humans did not need sunscreen at all? Our skin cells contained more of the sun protecting pigment, called melanin. As humanity civilized indoors, our skin cells started producing less and less melanin. A common misconception is that we should completely stay out of the sun. What we really should be doing is protecting our skin properly- Not with DNA damaging sunscreen, but with skin-protecting clothing. We know many people despise having to wear hot, bulky clothing to the beach just to cover up from the sun. But, what if you didn’t have to?

Montauk Tackle Company has advanced the skin-protective industry. We designed lightweight clothing that not only protects our skin from the sun but is also lightweight, moisture-wicking, extremely breathable and comfortable. Other sun-protective clothing companies sun protection does not last as long as ours. Why? They often use applied topical sunscreen technology on their clothing that eventually washes off after a few washes and also has the potential of absorbing into your skin. Montauk Tackle clothing is made out of recycled fibers that are infused with UPF 50+, doing so makes our sun protection technology permanent in each of our garments. Our technologies will not wash out into our waterway systems or be absorbed into your skin. Whether you want to paddleboard or take an afternoon swim at your favorite beach, don’t let the sunshine stop you from going outside. Montauk clothing will let you chase your passion longer by allowing you to stay out in the sunshine longer.

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