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Swimming and Travelling: When You Need Sun Protection the Most

Swimming and Travelling: When You Need Sun Protection the Most

If you are an avid swimmer, or a travel enthusiast, you’d know that both these activities require substantial amount of sun protection. Whether you are travelling to remote islands or just stopping by at hotel pools, there is no hiding from the sun. This is exactly why you should take all measures for a beautiful day under the sun.

Swimming at an indoor pool does not require any measure for sun protection. However if you are a swimmer who craves adventure, you probably love to take a dip into the deep waters. These instances require a high level of sun protection.

The times when you are swimming against the tide, diving off a cliff into a lake, or maybe even swimming in the river are memorable and fill your soul up with joy. Therefore, it is important that in these occasions you have proper sun protection. Make sure moments like these remain unaltered by the memories of drastic sunburns.

Sun Protection While Swimming

Often when you are swimming, your skin feels lovely and cool. This is why you normally will not realize quite how powerful the sunrays are. It is only when you get out of the water that you are able to notice the burns.  Here are some tips that you can utilize to prevent this from happening.

Apply Water Resistant Products

Perhaps you are someone who loves indulging in water sports and spend your days surfing or water boarding. In order to protect yourself from the sun, you must apply water resistant sunscreens and creams.

If sun protective skin products are not water resistant, then they offer no protection and just wash away. Always look for products with high SPF and UV resistance. Also, make sure that you read the instructions since some products instruct users to reapply after spending 20 minutes in the water.

Wear Sun Protective Clothes

If you wish to spend hours under the sun performing physically demanding exercises, you need to make sure you dress for it. Choose clothing brands that are breathable as they allow breeze to travel through during a hot summer day. Furthermore, pick out fabric that offers UV ray protection of more than 50.

If you plan to spend long hours on a boat, fishing or swimming, a long sleeve Sun Hoodie like the one Montauk Tackle offers is a great choice. This light, comfortable and breathable crewneck has extending sleeves that cover you from sunrays. It offers 50+ UPF sun protection, and also fits incredibly well. Plus, it is available in light shades of aesthetically pleasing colors like aqua blue and white.

To Conclude

Montauk Tackle is an American clothing brand that manufactures clothing through an eco-friendly and sustainable process. They take plastic bottles and process them into fibers, which they use to make the fabric of their clothing. Their fabric material has moisture wicking properties that help you stay dry on a hot day. Furthermore, their clothing offers 50+ UPF sun protection along with comfort and style.

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