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Surfing: How to Avoid Sunburn on Your Next Trip

Surfing: How to Avoid Sunburn on Your Next Trip

Do you love to ride the tides? Gliding along the waves can be a mesmerizing experience. The blast of adrenaline that comes with riding the waves is exhilarating. Catching waves can be a difficult task, however, new surfers can still enjoy time on the surfboard by body surfing.

Whether you are a wave rider or a body surfer, your love for the water is eminent. Therefore, you spend countless hours in the water on sunny days. This means you face over exposure to sun rays, which ultimately makes you susceptible to sunburn.

You should not take sunrays lightly, despite your skin tone. Sunrays are powerful and can potentially cause permanent damage to your skin. The sun emits UVA, UVC and UVA rays, and each have severe consequences that even include skin cancer.

Therefore, if you are heading out for surfing, it is important that you are wearing clothes that protect you during surfing conditions.  Here are a few outfit options that you will offer you a safe and stylish surfing time.

Performance Crewnecks

A long sleeve performance crew neck is ideal for a surfing top, especially the ones that Montauk Tackle offers. Their performance crew necks are durable, breathable and comfortable. Not only that, they offer incredible sun protection of 50+UPF.

Performance ¼ Zip Pullover

The performance ¼ zip pullover is an amazing choice for a surfing top. It has an elegant look and looks especially great when you are riding the waves. Montauk tackle’s ¼ zip pullovers work emphatically well for a day of surfing. This is because their lightweight and breathable material fights against the heat. Apart from that, they offer a sophisticated look that is sure to attract attention.

Board Shorts

If you are out in the water, you need to wear shorts that provide you with the mobility to swim and surf. Montauk Tackle offers Board Shorts that are comfortable and have a quick dry time. Wearing them will surely alleviate you from the stress of drying clothes once you are out of the water.

Apart from picking the right outfit for sun protection, it is also crucial that you protect the uncovered parts of your skin by using sun protective products.


Sunscreen is necessary to apply before surfing. Your clothes may protect your arms and back, but your face is still susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun’s exposure. For this scenario, water resistance sunscreens come in handy. So, it is important that you re apply if it is washes off to ensure protection for your face.

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