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Stargazing at Enchanted Rock Natural Area

Stargazing at Enchanted Rock Natural Area

Texas is beaming with natural wonders that are perfect for those that love outdoor adventures. One of those natural wonders that people travel from miles around to see is Enchanted Rock Natural Area. Enchanted Rock is a large pink granite rock formation that mimics a dome and is a site for all to see. You can see this amazing site from a ways away and as you hike to the top, you get up there to be greeted by the most stunning scenery that spans for miles. You can also learn about the history of how this amazing formation came to be by visiting the visitors center on your trip. There is nothing quite like Enchanted Rock Natural Area and the scenery alone a top the rock will keep you coming back for more.

As you arrive at Enchanted Rock Natural Area you are greeted with multiple opportunities for outdoor adventures for the entire family. You can use your day to hike the multiple trails that go up and around this majestic rock as well as hike into multiple primitive campsites within the park. You can also take the day to go rock climbing at multiple designated areas upon Enchanted Rock or go caving in a few secret and unique caves. Throughout Enchanted Rock, you can spend an entire day exploring new trails and discovering the remarkable wildlife and plants that Enchanted Rock offers.

Besides all the amazing outdoor activities you can partake in, one stands above all the rest...stargazing on top of Enchanted Rock. Night Photographers come from all over to capture a perfect shot of the night sky while a top Enchanted Rock. When you venture to the top of Enchanted Rock at night you are greeted by a night sky that isn’t tainted by city lights. As you lay down on top of this incredible rock, your eyes will take some time to adjust, once they do you will see hundreds of stars and may even capture a shooting star. Imagine being away from the hustle and bustle of life and just soaking in the beauty that the unfiltered night sky has to offer.

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