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Shop Your Local Farm Stand To Create The Best Salads This Fall Season.

Shop Your Local Farm Stand To Create The Best Salads This Fall Season.

Add salads to your diet this fall season with the abundance of incredible seasonal ingredients like butternut squash, figs, apples, and Brussels sprouts. You can slice and dice these pretty-looking ingredients to make wonderfully satisfying healthy salads for the holiday season.  Here are some of the best salad recipes for the fall season. Here are some of the salads that highlight the seasonal veggies and fruits of the fall.

Fresh Produce Matters

It is a plus if the produce used for salads is freshly grown and organic. The ripeness and richness of the fruits and vegetables can define the quality of your salads. And that’s where fresh produce right from the farm comes in. If you are preparing a salad, make sure you buy the ingredients from a farm stand. And be sure to spend a few hours picking the best and freshest produce. Also, don’t forget to dress suitably for the occasion when going to the countryside.

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Once you have the right ingredients and have made the initial preparations, here some salad recipes to consider.

Raw Kale Salad

You just cannot overlook the health benefits of eating kale However, trying to eat this bitter green veggie can be a real problem. Here’s a recipe that will make something as harsh-tasting as kale set smoothly in your palate.

The secret to this recipe lies in the preparation of the green bitter leaves. Cutting them into thin slices and mixing them with tangy and sweet flavors creates an overpowering illusion for your taste buds. The oranges give it the tangy zing and the apples and nuts add crunch to the bitterness giving it a burst of taste and freshness.

Sitting in front of raw kale salad has never been easier. Kale alone is not very appetizing, but when you combine it with crisp sweet apples, beautiful citrusy oranges and crunchy nuts, the bitter fades off due to the sweetness and tanginess of the orange dressing. Fun fact, eating two of these a week may actually make you live longer.

Beets Salad with Goat Cheese

Beets are the vegetables of the fall. With loads of nutrition, they have a naturally sweet and wonderful taste. Beetroot is one of the best veggies for making salads because it complements with so many different ingredients.

This recipe is a nutritionally overloaded salad that defines a classic combination of beets and goat cheese. Topped with baby greens and candied walnuts, drizzled on it is an amazingly tangy dressing made of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and orange juice that add the perfect acidic balance to the sweetness of the beets.

Apple Coleslaw

Every household has a bunch of apples lying around on the dinner table. Here’s your chance to turn those apples into scrumptious coleslaw. Serving this coleslaw with a twist is likely to surprise your guests. You can serve it with barbeque food or use it as an ingredient for burgers, making it ever so worth it.

This recipe includes freshly diced apples, classic creamy dressing of mayonnaise and brown sugar, and sliced up cabbages that give it the delicious crunchy texture.  Mix all the ingredients and you can enjoy the creamy, rich and sweet goodness of apple coleslaw this holiday season.

Napa Cabbage Salad

It is yummy, crunchy and packed full of flavor and nutrition. Napa cabbage, also known as the Chinese cabbage, is an oval shaped cabbage that is the main hero of this salad. This salad certifies freshness with Asian oriented flavor. It is a people pleaser so you can take it with you on picnics or serve at parties.

The Asian heritage to this salad comes from the light pan heating of ramen noodles and sesame seeds in butter and then baking them in a pre-heated oven. They make for a crunchy delight that you add to the cabbage while drizzling soy based dressing. You can prepare a week load of this salad and it wouldn’t take very long to munch it all away. 


Try these salads this coming fall as the holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving dinners are usually swarming with fats and oil. Pick healthier options this fall and fill your tummy up with salads. Oh, and if you have taken it upon yourself to treat your friends and family with your favorite salad at an outdoor picnic party, make sure you are wearing the right clothes. Montauk Tackle is an American made clothing brand that offers sustainably manufactured clothes made out of recycled plastic bottles
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