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Road Trips- RVing- Cross Country

Road Trips- RVing- Cross Country

If you are an RVer, it is likely that cross-country traveling is one of your dreams. This is because you will see new and exciting places every couple of nights and sightsee some of the best and most popular places across the US, soaking up the excellent outdoors.   

There is no doubt that RV travel is among the best ways to explore the US. Also, it is no secret that America is one of the most diverse countries in the world, which makes RVing across the country quite fun and entertaining. The versatile collection of parks, landmarks, and natural and human history is simply unrivaled.

However, planning a nationwide RV vacation may feel overwhelming and confusing. This is especially true if you are new to RV life. Are you feeling the itch for an excellent road trip? You will love our simple RV tips and guide for amazing cross-country travel. 

Planning and Prep

We know it is important to use a map and plot your RV trip. However, note that before doing that, you have to ensure that you’ve sufficient time to practice behind the wheel. It is worth noting that test driving your rig is important as you will know how to better control the swaying motion. This will certainly help you in maneuvering through unfamiliar and new roads. Note that with practice, you will know how to park your vehicle and where the fenders are.

After doing some prep, you should make your plan. We suggest that you make a flexible plan that you can stick to, and you should be able to change your plan if needed. Keep in mind that having the freedom to explore new and exciting places is one of the best parts of cross country travel. However, you should make sure that you’ve a reasonable idea of where you would like to go as well as an ETA for all destinations. 

Enjoy Your Road-trip

It is important to realize that traveling in an RV, especially a towable one, is quite different from traveling in your car. 

 In some cases, the size of the rig can make your trip slower. Also, note that more gas consumption often means more regular stops along the way. So, it is best to embrace the slower and more relaxed travel pace by planning some sightseeing opportunities to make the most of your trip. 

Pack Sufficient Cookware

Note that your rented RV may come with a stove and some kitchen tools. However, you should also check that the RV has cutting boards, pans, and silverware. Also, if there are any knives, make sure that they are sharp enough. 

Get Connected with Apps

You will be pleased to know that many apps are there to help RVers book as well as navigate to all available campsites and campgrounds while driving cross-country, which is great. Did you know that KOA—the biggest network of private campgrounds in the world—has an app?

You will also find the All Stays application to be quite helpful. This is because the app offers you information about KOA-site availability and many Bureau of Land Management campsites and locations for boondocking.

Pacing Yourself is Important

As driving or pulling a large vehicle, such as an RV, is more strenuous compared to driving your car, most seasoned RVers in the US usually decide to restrict themselves to about 200 to 300 miles per day. Note that this pacing is important as it keeps you from wearing yourself out.

Arrive before it Gets Dark

It is important to plan your time carefully on the road as no one wants to get stuck and waste time setting up in the dark. You should map out the RV trip to reach your designated overnight parking spot before it gets dark.

Note that whether you are driving into an RV park or a campground, you should be able to easily see your surroundings. While most modern RVs are simple to park as well as set up, even in harsh weather conditions, you should arrive three to four hours before dark. This will make sure you’ve ample time in order to settle in, relax and unwind before the sun sets, and get a nice fire going.

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