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Outdoor Activities Why Sun Protective Clothing is the Future

Outdoor Activities Why Sun Protective Clothing is the Future

Are you tired of the lockdown routine? Some studies show that locking yourself down in the house and self-isolating for extended periods can be harmful for your mental health. People can only tolerate staying indoors for so long and want to be free and away from concrete walls. This frustration is an emergent response to staying indoors for way too long.

People are now looking for safer options to spend their time outside. The safest bet in these times of unpredictability is to stay outdoors. You could put yourself at risk of getting infected by staying in places with little to no ventilation. It is a major reason why many events have been taking place outdoors and under the sun.

Spending sunny days at the beach can be a challenge for some, and this is precisely where sun protective clothing comes into play. Being out in the sun has never been easier! So don’t be afraid to go out to the beach, a day time concert or even hiking. The availability of clothes that consist of high-tech fabric makes it possible for you to face the sun head on, allowing you to break sweat like never before.

American Made clothing is now coming to your rescue. The fabric used for sun protective clothing is a clear representation of advancements in the clothing industry. Let us take a look at what makes it so special.

50+ UPF sun protection

If you wear fabric that offers 50+ UPF sun protections, a very scarce amount of UV rays will be able to pass through that material. Therefore, this sort of fabric prevents the over-exposure of UV rays that cause sunburn.  It will provide you with the necessary sun protection to steer clear from sunburn and other conditions

Moisture Wicking Properties

Spending time in the sun will make you sweaty. It perfectly suits people who will not stand for the icky, sticky and sweaty sensation on the skin. Moisture wicking fabric has micro tubes that transfer the sweat from your skin to the surface of the clothes for evaporation helping you stay dry even during a sunny day.

Anti Microbial Properties

Wearing fabric that has anti microbial properties will prevent skin infections and keep harmful microbes from entering your skin. This will ultimately result in a more safe and bacteria free time in the sun. Sun protective clothing possess all of these properties, making it possible for you to maintain excellent skin health.

Clothing Options to Consider

Wearing the right type of fabric is important, but you shouldn’t compromise on aesthetics. Here are a few sun protective clothing options that guarantee style.

Quarter Zip Pullovers

A quarter zip pullover for men or women like the one Montauk Tackle offers is ideal for you on a sunny day. This item combines sun protection with style and enables you to look confident on a sunny afternoon.

Performance Shorts

These go well with any top you chose to put on. Performance shorts like the ones Montauk offers can be a critical choice for physically demanding outdoor activities. They empower you to work out in style while offering sufficient comfort.

To Conclude

Montauk Tackle is an American made clothing brand that makes high-tech sun protective clothing. The fabric they manufacture has 50+UPF, and also has antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties. Furthermore, they make their clothing out of the fibers found in plastic bottles, which is an innovative and sustainable process.

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