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Montauk Flavors – Everything Healthy, Salty and Boozie. Water Already Added.

Montauk Flavors – Everything Healthy, Salty and Boozie. Water Already Added.


Montauk Point, NY 5-24-2016

Next time you find yourself visiting Montauk, make sure to get your hands on some of these small batch, hand crafted, local flavors. From organic juices, to ocean salt harvested from Ditch Plains to really really really good beer. Summer starts this weekends with the celebration of Memorial Day 2016. As you explore the East End of Long Island, make sure to take in all the local flavor. You won’t be disappointed.

Montauk Juice Factory: Montauk Juice Factory’s mission is to provide Montauk with the freshest, most nutrient-dense fruit and veggie juice on the planet. Their juices are cold-pressed, raw, and organically grown. They strive to use organic as much as possible…REAL juice available to all of Montauk. Inspired by the rich history, active coastal lifestyle, and beautiful, natural surroundings, they keep Montauk nourished and fueled for whatever awesomeness comes next. Sustainable, Fresh, Local.

Montauk Brewing Co: Established in 2012 by three lifelong friends, Montauk Brewing Co. is sharing the true spirit of Montauk through the celebration of quality beer. Dedicating themselves to living the no frills good life and are stoked to share that life with you! That Summer Ale is the best damn beer on the planet.

Montauk Salt Co.: Harvested from the pristine waters of the Easternmost tip of Long Island’s coast at Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk Salt is celebrated by top chefs and home cooks for its delicate texture and distinctive taste. Handcrafted premium salt with a unique process to ensure their products are completely natural and free of impurities.  From the Ocean to the Table. Experience Montauk Salt Co.– there’s an art to it.

Montauk Rumrunners: Montauk Rumrunners is family owned and operated in Montauk, NY. Through hearing family lore growing up as kids and an interest in our heritage, we learned our family operated The Roadside Restaurant in the old Montauk Fishing Village during Prohibition, when everyone had a hand in rum-running. By day they chased tuna and swordfish off shore. By the dark of night the rum-runners evaded the Coast Guard, met the Caribbean rum-running ships and snuck back through rum-running trails in the deep woods of Montauk’s north shore. In honor of their adventurous spirit and hardworking traditions, they founded Montauk Rumrunners. Flavors: Rum, Whiskey, and Gin.


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