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Miami’s Wynwood District: Visitors’ Guide

Miami’s Wynwood District: Visitors’ Guide

As the second most populous east coast metropolis, the urban scene combined with the long stretching beaches give Miami a unique energy. In Miami, there’s something for everyone, including those who love culture and the arts.

Miami’s most artsy district is Wynwood. Located just north of downtown and west of Miami beach, you’ll find the colorful and funky district. Throughout the Wynwood District of Miami, bright displays and creative designs stretch unpredictably across parking lots, building exteriors, along sidewalks, and streets. Here are the best things this district has to offer.

1. Checking out Wynwood Walls

This art museum winds creatively indoors and outdoors, which is the perfect way to view graffiti. Wynwood Walls features work from twenty-five of the best street artists in the world. One of the best things is that the artists and curators wanted to keep the spirit of street art alive, and so the museum is open to the public for free.

2. Grabbing Coffee

Anyone who would describe themselves as (even remotely) hipster might enjoy checking out the laid-back atmosphere in Panther Coffee house, nestled in the middle of the Wynwood District. Panther makes their own in-house blends, which you can buy by the pound or just a cup to enjoy in their cool patio seating.

Suite Habana Cafe is just down the road and a touch more cozy. Suite Habana also has their own blend as well and comfortable indoor seating. The high, exposed brick walls and perfect Cuban coffee give Suite Habana a wonderfully international feel. It would be a loss to not try their baked goods!

3. Walt Grace: Cars & Guitars

Right when you walk in, you can hear employees and visitors plucking (or shredding) guitars and the sounds of a barista making cappuccino. Part guitar store, part vintage car showhouse, and part coffee-shop, Walt Grace is epic.

Along the perimeters of the hip, warehouse-like building are perfectly polished, retro automobiles. There are multiple soundproofed rooms along its center for testing out any of the amazing acoustic or electric guitars proudly displayed throughout Walt Grace.

4. Coyo Tacos

You can’t leave Miami without eating amazing tacos. We recommend Coyo not only for its flavorful tacos, burritos, salads, and churros, but also for its lively nightlife scene. That’s right, this Mexican street food restaurant has a built in DJ stand. So if you’re looking to catch a bit of that famous Miami vibe, Coyo is the place for you!

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