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Kayaking with Manatees

Kayaking with Manatees

Getting out on the water offers you plenty of opportunities to experience water from a whole new perspective. Animals of all shapes and sizes call water home, and getting out on the water allows you to get a glimpse into their world. Water sports bring you into an entirely new area and immerses you into a world that will have you discovering new worlds every single time you go out. The beauty of water sports and adventuring is that you will find something new every time you take to the water. From the animals that swim in the water below to the birds that fly overhead and the plants that blow in the wind, the water never ceases to bring new experiences each new day.

No matter how you decide to take to the water, you will be amazed at what you will discover. You have so many options to enjoy the water, from fishing to kayaking to kiteboarding and so much more. Florida is one state that has plenty of adventures to have on the water. From the oceans that surround Florida to the multitude of rivers that run through the beautiful state, Florida is a perfect place to visit to experience everything the water has to offer.

One adventure that is unlike any other in Florida is being able to kayak among Manatees. Crystal River in Florida allows you to kayak on crystal clear waters while manatees frolic below. Manatees are incredible creatures that are often referred to as cows of the sea for their calm and mild manner. When you decide to kayak at Crystal River, you are entering an area that will leave you with some of the most magical memories you can imagine.

These giant creatures swim through the completely clear waters of Crystal River and will swim right next to you as you kayak down. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture these oversized creatures come crazy close to your kayak as you paddle down a crisp and clean Florida river.

If you want to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures, you can even decide to book a snorkeling trip to add to your adventure. Imagine yourself dipping into clear water and being surrounded by magnificent manatees that swim by and greet you with their large oversized bodies.

Outdoor adventures of all kinds will leave you with memories that you will never forget. Swimming with Manatees in Florida is one story that you will be telling for years to come. With any adventure, you take, having the proper attire will be the difference between enjoying your time or leaving with a gnarly sunburn.

Montauk Tackle offers multiple articles of clothing that offer you 50 UPF + apparel to keep you protected from the sun while also keeping you cool and breezy while you are on the water. Grab one of their Scuba Stitch Sun Shirts to wear while you are kayaking amongst unique manatees, and you will be comfortable all day and keep your sun protected.


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