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Kayaking Caddo Lake, Texas

Kayaking Caddo Lake, Texas

As you travel around the United States, you will find places that are incredibly unique and have amazing water views. Places that offer you spectacular scenery and memories that will last a lifetime. One way to truly soak in different destinations that offer water views is by grabbing a kayak or canoe and getting out on the water. There is something so serene and special about being on the water, joined by wildlife, the sounds of wind blowing through the trees, and the vast expanse of nature that surrounds you. When you set out on the water, your perspective completely changes. You transition into ecosystems and habitats that you cannot reach from land, and you enter an entirely new world when you get out on the water.

One place that people love to visit to escape to the water and soak in the nature that surrounds it is Caddo Lake State Park in Texas. Caddo Lake is part of any Texas Bucket List you find and people have it a top of their must do list in Texas. Many people take to the water on kayaks and canoes that allow them to travel in and out of smaller tributaries and give them an opportunity to truly experience what Caddo Lake has to offer. As soon as you pull up to the boat launch at Caddo Lake State Park you are immediately greeted by the most majestic trees and scenery. As you put your kayaks into the water and begin your journey, you are quickly surrounded by cypress trees that are blanketed with sheets of spanish moss that blow in the wind. The spanish moss that blankets many trees at Caddo Lake State Park is an incredible site to see and is sure to keep you wanting to see more. Kayaking Caddo Lake is a must see and allows you to truly experience this ecosystem and what all it has to offer.

The beauty of the water is that there is so much to do from fishing to boating to kayaking and everything in between. Lakes and rivers and oceans offer you a chance to step out of the comfort of dry land and into a world of unmatchable beauty. No matter what water sport you partake in, you have to be intentional and smart about sun protection. Even overcast days can make a day on the water end in a terrible sunburn, so preparing for sun protection ahead of time will make your adventure one to remember.

One way you can prepare ahead of time is by investing in sun protective clothing that keeps you cool and also protected from the sun. Montauk Tackle Company offers multiple options for sun protective clothing that you can bring with you on any adventure. Their American made sun protective hoodies and pull overs are lightweight, allow you to stay cool, as well as have 50+UPF to keep you protected from the sun. Investing in a great piece of sun protective clothing that is created from sustainable fabric allows you to make the most of your adventures on the water without suffering a sunburn later.

Wherever your outdoor adventures take you, Montauk Tackle has gear that is American made and is a must have in your wardrobe. Lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go, their gear is sure to be used on all of your outdoor adventures.

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