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How Sailors Can Avoid a Sunburn during Boating

How Sailors Can Avoid a Sunburn during Boating

Out of everyone who needs the most sun protection, sailors may just top the list. This is because sailors spend the most time under the sun. The thought of Sailing towards the never-ending horizon with the scorching sun towering over you can be daunting to the average person. However, it is very much a reality for sailors.

Navigating along the shores can be a gruesome experience. This is especially true for long voyages, when sailors have to spend a substantial time on the water. Most of the time, the sailors have little or no resources to protect them against the sun. This is why, it is crucial to wear a sun protective layer, which provides safety along with comfort. Long and sunny nautical miles require a protective layer that defends you against the overwhelming rays of the sun.

The latest advancements in clothing make the life of a sailor better. Sailors can now benefit from the technological advances in clothing fiber. This is the type of clothing that not only protects them from sunrays, but also helps them stay dry and cool. Sailors can ultimately avoid sunburn by wearing fabric that has the following qualities.

50+ UPF

This is the ultraviolet protection factor, and it indicates how much ultra violet ray is able to pass through a fabric. Fabrics that offer 50+ UPF can be critical when it comes to sun protection, since they block out almost 98% of the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, this guarantees a sunburn free afternoon on the boat for a sailor.


Wearing clothes in the heat of the sun can be difficult since the high temperature may tempt you to take off your shirt. This is why the fabric you wear on the sailboat should be breathable and does not block your skin form the breeze. Furthermore, it should be light, comfortable, and durable so you can wear it throughout the sail without needing to remove it.

For sailors to prevent sunburn, it is important for them to keep a layer on when the sun is shining. Being bare skin under the sun can only cause sunburn. Montauk Tackle offers clothes that are as light as air. Not only that, their durability and quick-dry qualities will make sailors wear it without even noticing that they have them on.   

Anti Wicking Properties

Another factor that may convince a sailor to be shirtless is, excessive sweating. Wearing material that helps you stay dry even on a sunny, hot day can help you avoid sunburns. Sailors can benefit from wearing moisture wicking fabric, which transfers sweat away from the skin faster. When worn by a sailor, this sort of material can help them stay dry and cool, helping them stay dry and sail the sea sunburn free.

To Conclude

Montauk Tackle is an American made brand that produces clothes by the fibers found in plastic bottles, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly way of production. Their clothes possess all the qualities necessary for coastal activities, such as 50+ UPF, Moisture Wicking, lightweight and breathability.

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