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From Summer to Winter: What Does It Take to Protect Your Skin?

From Summer to Winter: What Does It Take to Protect Your Skin?

Are you an outdoorsy soul? Do you love being out in the sun but are worried about sun protection? You don’t have to worry anymore. American made apparel from Montauk Tackle has had a revolutionary impact when it comes to sun protection. Clothing with high technology has made sun sensitivity an outdated issue.  No longer do you have to worry about sunburns while hanging on the beach. Immerse yourself in the sun and get the necessary vitamin “D”. Now you can wear American made clothing that will make your dull days sunny! These products are here to offer splendid sun protection with sophisticated style and look your best in your daylight selfies. Here’s a list of some of the products that offer sun protection and look perfect.

Men's/Women's ¼ Zips

Montauk’s ¼ zips provide an appealing look and convenience when out in the sun; this long sleeve apparel offers sun protection. However, it can get pretty hot when out in the sun. Montauk’s ¼ zip pull-overs are made from lightweight breathable fabrics that let in some breeze when laying your feet down on a beach chair. Their ¼ zips present an elegant yet sporty look, comprising the features that you need the most when out on a sunny day.

Men’s/Women’s Sun Hoodies

Montauk’s Sun Hoodie is a classic when it comes to sun protection, offering you adequate covering from the sun. This stretches out and covers almost every part of your body. The sun has no chance once you get your hood on. The material is 50+ UPF, so it hardly lets in any UV rays. The versatility and comfort of this piece of clothing is to be lived in. Perfect for the beach, the boat or around town.

Performance Shorts

This is the perfect wear for all the sports and outdoor junkies out there - Men and Women who love stretching their legs and pushing their limits. Wearing these performance shorts makes you powerful, there is nothing coming between you and your quads. Go kayaking, climb mountains, or jump off the boat for a swim. Wearing these will give you the freedom to go ballistic in the sun without any worry of wear or tear. These shorts are ideal for high intensity activities. Break a sweat whenever you want in these.  

Button Downs

All sport and all sophistication. This look will provide you with both. A button down collar is a look you want at an outdoor party. It gets attention, helps you stand out in the crowd, offers the style that enhances your aura and boasts your confidence. Combining comfort with style is an important trait that you want when out in the sun. Putting on an American made button down not only elevates your overall look but also offers incredible sun protection. Perfect for the board-room or the cockpit.


Montauk is an American made clothing brand that offers the best of all these apparel items. Their products offer you the vibrancy and breathability that you need when letting loose in the sun. So, go to town on a sunny day, visit the coastal areas with the sun blazing outside, and cover nautical miles in the daytime.

Montauk’s clothing line offers coastal wear that is not just sun protective but also made from technologically advanced fiber. This moisture-wicking fiber helps in sweat transferring from your skin. This will help on those cool mornings when you don’t want the sweat to cool you down. Made from recycled sustainable yarns, hence helping with plastic waste management in an ingenious manner.

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