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Fishing the White River

Fishing the White River

Throughout the United States, outdoor adventures are intertwined into so many beautiful places. As you travel down the road you are greeted by forests of green, beaches with crashing waves, and mountains peeking from the clouds. You can partake in kayaking, rock climbing, fishing, cycling, hiking, and more all over the United States. The adventures you can have in the great outdoors are truly never ending and are always sure to form memories that will last a lifetime. One incredible adventure in the United States that you must add to your bucket list is trout fishing in the crystal clear waters of the White River in Arkansas.

There is nothing quite like spending a day surrounded by the sound of the flowing river with a fishing pole in your hand. As you patiently await for the bite on the end of your line, you can soak up the surrounding scenery of herons flying overhead, boats scooting by, and wind whistling through the trees. Trout fishing is an activity that comes with the best reward. The moment you catch a beautiful and majestic trout, I am convinced you will be “hooked” to trout fishing forever. The pinks and greens of the Rainbow Trout, golden hue of the Brown Trout, yellow spots of the Brook Trout and even the bright red shades of the Cutthroat Trout are sure to keep you coming back for more. The colors of these beautiful fish have so many people traveling to the ice cold waters of the White Rivers in hopes of catching their perfect fish to capture a picture with.

There are a couple of lures that are sure to get you some action from trouts that are swimming through the crystal clear waters of the White River. Grab yourself some chartreuse Powerbait as well as Panther Martins and even live worms to guarantee your success on the river. You can set up your fishing pole to have your bait sit on the bottom of the river by using a swivel and weight with a piece of powerbait or worm on the end. Allow the bottom to sink to the bottom and wait for the trout to come and strike your bait. Another option is to use a Panther Martin where you will steadily reel in your bait to mimic a live fish or critter that entices the trout to bite your bait. No matter what you use for bait, the thrill of catching your first trout is worth the patience that is required to land such a great fish.

Another item you will want to add to your fishing list is by grabbing a sun protecting ¼ zip pullover from Montauk Tackle Co. Their Amrican made Sun Protective zip pullover  will keep you cool with the breezy fabric as well as provide you with 50+ UPF sun protection. Fishing is an addictive sport that you can easily do all day without even realizing how much time has passed, so being smart about your clothing is imperative. Having a shirt that allows you to stay cool as well as protected from the sun is an absolute game changer.

Whether you are on the water, the mountains, or just out for a day in the sun. Montauk Tackle is sure to have you covered and protected during your outdoor adventures.

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