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Cycling in Little Rock, Arkansas

Cycling in Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas is called the Natural State and for good reason, as you drive through the westside of Arkansas you are greeted by miles of forests that surround you. As you travel, you may find yourself on switchbacks that take you through trees of all shapes and sizes. If you are a lover of cycling, many switchbacks are not optimal to ride on, for safety reasons.

Little Rock, Arkansas is full of great food and plenty of outdoor adventure. In and outside the city there are paved trails that run for miles. You can take the trails all the way into downtown Little Rock to grab a bite to eat or simply ride to what is called the Big Dam Bridge. The Big Dam Bridge is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in North America and is sure to be a calf exercise as you cycle to the top.

When you decide to take to the Arkansas River trails by bike, make sure to always carry a spare tire and pump just in case. You never want to be stranded miles from home without what you need to make it back.

If you want to cycle the Arkansas River trail, figure out how long it will take you to get into downtown Little Rock from your location, and try to plan to be riding back at sunset. You will see the most incredible views of the orange colors that glisten off of the river below, allowing you to soak up a beautiful site before you have to ride back to your location.

Another option is that just outside of Little Rock is Pinnacle Mountain, a mountain that rises high enough that you can see it from different locations all over town. As you travel up Big Dam Bridge and you look out across the water, you will see Pinnacle Mountain in the distance. It is a stunning site to see!

If you are coming from Maumelle, Arkansas into Little Rock by bike, you will pass by a small park that is bustling with activity. This park has acres of community gardens that you will ride by, where neighborhood citizens come to plant their own small garden. You will also ride by people using the trails to walk and go on family hikes, reminding you that there is definitely something for the whole family.

As you travel in and around Arkansas by bike, you need to make sure you are wearing clothing that is well equipped to keep you cool all the while protecting you from the sun. Montauk Tackle has the perfect clothing to wear while taking a long bike ride because their clothing is created out of sustainable and breathable fabric with UPF sun protection. Their Sun protection hoodie allows you to stay cool while protecting your skin from sunburn because of the 50 UPF fabric it is made out of. You can even pack a piece of Montauk Tackles Clothing in your backpack to have with you at all times because it is lightweight and serves so many purposes. No matter what outdoor adventure you take next, Montauk Tackle has what you need to be comfortable and protected.

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