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Cocoa Beach, Florida: How to Spend the Day

Cocoa Beach, Florida: How to Spend the Day

Located less than an hour away from Orlando, Cocoa Beach is a popular vacation destination for tourists from all over! The soft lightly-colored sand, year-round warm weather, and decent surf scene make it the perfect place to visit for a relaxing family vacation or awesome weekend getaway.

Whether you’re just stopping by on your way up or down the coast of Florida, or are planning to make a full week of it, there are plenty of fun things to do and see. Keep reading if you’d like to know the best things to do in Cocoa Beach, Florida!

1-Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast

If you’re planning on spending the day actively, you’ll want to start with a solid first meal...and don’t forget you’re on vacation at the beach, so why not pick something delicious? In fact, we’d recommend eating at Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery.

With a brightly colored, casual atmosphere and a whole counter of homemade baked goods, we’re pretty sure you’ll like it too! So if you find yourself driving down N Orlando Ave your first morning at the beach, make sure to stop at Simply Delicious Cafe and grab a cup of joe...and maybe some cake!

2-A Trip to Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon in Cocoa Beach is just as much of a social hub as it is a store! This two-story beach outfitter has everything you and your family might possibly need or want on vacation, including fiberglass and foam surfboards, sunscreen, swimsuits, water shoes, floaties, souvenirs, and keychains. 

3-Hit The Beach (Obviously!)

One of the main attractions of Cocoa Beach is its breaking waves. Depending on the season and weather, the surf at Cocoa can be pretty good! (Let’s not forget that Kelly Slater, the world’s best surfer, was born and raised here!) If you’re looking to surf, boogie board, or body board, The Pier might be your best bet.

If you’re looking to relax in the sand, perhaps with a good book, you’ll be able to find peace. Yes, Cocoa is quite popular, but also it’s six miles worth of beach, so you’ll be able to find yourself a bit of privacy.

3-Kennedy Space Center

One of the coolest things about Cocoa Beach is its proximity to Cape Canaveral. Less than twenty minutes away, visitors can walk through awe-inspiring exhibits about our galaxy, astronauts, and history of space exploration and even tour the launch pads for NASA rockets. Touring Kennedy Space Center is truly a blast!

4-Grab Dinner and Catch the Sunset

For grub, it’d be hard to beat Long Doggers. To round off an excellent day enjoying Cocoa Beach, we’d definitely suggest picking up Long Doggers Hawaiian burgers and Banzai Shrimp and heading down to the sand with a picnic blanket of beach towels.

While the shores of Cocoa Beach face East, the entire sky illuminates in pinks, yellows, pale blues, and oranges. You’ll want to be outside to fully take it in, and even in the late fall and winter, all you’ll need is a sweater.

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