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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We all have those heroes in our life that weather the hardest storms and come back stronger than ever. The ones that when life gives them a curve ball they rise up to fight with everything they have. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a month to remember those we lost to this awful disease, as well as a month to remind ourselves of the heroes that walk our streets that beat breast cancer recently or years ago.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in women all over the world and affects women of all types, nationalities, and races. No matter who is affected by breast cancer, the largest thing remaining is that the only thing that can potentially get rid of this awful disease is research. Research begins to erase questions and find answers, research gives hope, and research has the power to change lives.  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an incredible organization that focuses on the research and cure of breast cancer. Over the years, the progress they have made towards an eventual cure is absolutely incredible and they continue to make giant strides in the right direction every year. Throughout the month of October and beyond, many businesses will give back to this incredible organization by donating proceeds from sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Every October, Montauk Tackle gives a percentage of their proceeds from their Pink Hook Collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The purpose of this amazing foundation is to advance leading research in hopes of preventing and curing Breast Cancer in the future. Montauk Tackle created a special collection that's sole purpose is to give back to this organization. The Pink Hook Collection was created to promote the importance of this special month by creating sustainable and American Made clothing that will give back to an incredible cause. When you purchase from the Pink Hook Collection you are donating to an incredible cause all the while purchasing a piece of clothing that will remind yourself and others of the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness and research.

Some of the products that Montauk Tackle sells in their Pink Hook Collection are their Womens Pink hoodies as well as their Pink Performance scarves. The collection also includes their Montauk Red Board Shorts and Womens ¼ Zip. All of the items sold in Montauk Tackles Pink Hook Collection are pieces that are perfect for everyday or any outdoor adventure. Purchasing from this collection allows you to give back to an incredible organization all the while purchasing a sustainable piece of clothing that you will use for years to come. All of their clothing is made from 50+UPF fabric that is perfect for any outdoor activity that is comfortable while also protecting you from the sun and keeping you cool. American made with sustainable fabric, all of Montauk Tackles products and clothing are made for your adventures and are sure to be used for years to come.


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