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Birdwatching in Rockport, Texas

Birdwatching in Rockport, Texas

The United States is full of adventures to be had, places to see, and foods to try. Around every turn, this amazing country offers something new for you to experience and make memories that last forever. From vast canyons to dense forests to pristine beaches, no matter where you travel in the United States, you are sure to find a trip of a lifetime. Outdoor adventures line the miles of trails, and water that you can find in every state. You can participate in fishing, hiking, kayaking, birdwatching, star gazing, and more as you travel throughout the United States.

One epic spot to birdwatch in the United States is in Rockport, Texas. Rockport is full of incredible wildlife that people come from miles around to see. Everything from shore birds to giant birds that stand 4 feet tall either migrate through or call this cute beach town home.

Throughout the year you can catch glimpses of Roseate Spoonbills that have  similar coloring to flamingos and are usually found near small ponds and marshes. You can also catch sites of the amazing Whooping Cranes that migrate through Rockport every year. These incredible birds stand over four feet tall and usually travel in family units of two to three. Besides these amazing birds, you can also see Heron & Egret Rookeries where you can see these incredible birds build their nest in the tops of trees where they raise their young. There are so many birds that you can see while you are visiting that you never know exactly what you will see during your time. Some great places to bird watch in and near Rockport is the Aransas Wildlife Refuge as well as near Goose Island State Parks Big Tree.

Besides birdwatching in Rockport there are plenty of other activities to partake in while you are visiting. You can grab fishing bait from any of the bait shops along the shore and fish off the multiple fishing piers that jet out into the water. You can also hire a local guide to take you out on the water to participate in some deep sea fishing. After a long day of fishing you can kick back, relax, and dig your feet in the sand at Rockport Beach. Rockport Beach is considered a Blue Wave Beach which means it is kept clean and free of litter. The sand of Rockport Beach is perfect to dig your toes into for a day at the beach while you watch the Pelicans overhead. You can also catch glimpses of shore birds near Rockport Beach where they have a special roped off section for them to have a place to stay and migrate through.

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