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Best Outdoor Activities in San Diego

Best Outdoor Activities in San Diego

When you’re traveling up the coast of California, San Diego will be your first stop. With its sprawling beaches, 1,200 acre urban park, and sunny yet breezy climate, you may have a hard time leaving San Diego for your next destination.

It only rains thirty-eight days a year in San Diego, meaning the conditions for outdoor activities are almost always perfect. Here’s the list of our favorite outdoor activities in San Diego:

1-Learn to Surf

Anyone who’s feeling brave can rent a foam board and paddle out! Yet, if you’d like a local guide to take you to hook you up with the right gear, take you to the best beaches for beginners, and show you how to drop in, you’ll probably want to reach out to a local surf school.

Of all the surf schools in San Diego, we’d recommend Pacific Surf School. With locations at Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and Mission Beach, you can probably find an instructor and nice waves right by where you’re staying. They offer private, semi-private, and group lessons, and even surf-yoga lessons!

2-Zoom through La Jolla on Electric Bikes

La Jolla is a breath-taking seaside town with a rugged coastline and fantastic biking trails. You can get the in-person, outdoor experience of walking and the speed and comfort of driving, by biking along the Pacific, beneath the pines.

If you’re interested in renting an ebike or going on a guided tour with a local, we’d recommend using San Diego Fly Riders for the best experience. The electric bikes make the trip doable and fun for any rider. But no matter how you choose to explore it, we’d 10/10 recommend cruising through La Jolla, and checking out La Jolla Cove.

3-Stroll through Balboa Park

Balboa’s main attraction is the San Diego Zoo. If you’ve got the time, and especially if you’ve got young ones, the 3,500 animals housed there (including a Giant Panda) are sure to delight. However, there’s more to Balboa Park than just lions, tigers, and bears.

Balboa is described as a “cultural oasis” and has a rich history. Within the park, there are 17 museums, numerous outdoor theatres, and endless gardens and walking paths. Entering the park is free, so we’d highly recommend it!

Whether you’re a local or just dropping by, we hope you make the most of your free-time in San Diego by enjoying the great outdoors. However, you’ll want sufficient sun protection for your surfing, biking, and strolling, especially in the Golden State during the summer. And Montauk Tackle clothing is made for sun soaked outdoor activity.

Our men’s and women’s Sun Hoodies are lightweight and have a 50+UPF sun protection. Each is made with Montauk’s MTCdryprotect™ smart fabrics, with moisture wicking technology, designed for athletic activity in warm climates.

Montauk’s fabrics are made from recycled bottles; an estimated four bottles have been repurposed into each shirt. Further, all of our products American made performance apparel, so you can feel good about supporting the local economy.

You can learn more about our recycled, sustainable yarn here. Montauk Tackle believes in sustainable, American made clothing that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, from coast to coast!

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