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Best Outdoor Activities in Georgetown, DC

Best Outdoor Activities in Georgetown, DC

Georgetown is a small, historical neighborhood nestled in the North West corner of our Nation’s capital. It’s best known for its rows of charming pastel brick houses, vibrant shopping scene, proximity to downtown (and therefore politics), and of course, Georgetown University.

An equally enchanting, though often overlooked, aspect of Georgetown is its outdoor offerings. Here we’ll explore a few of its finest.

1. Dumbarton Oaks in Spring

This fifty-three acre estate was bought by two patrons of the arts, Mildred and Robert Bliss, a century ago, and has since been gifted to Harvard University as a research institute. The estate’s garden is intricately designed and is meticulously maintained, making it a popular destination for both tourists and locals.

Tickets to wander the gardens are ten dollars, with discounts for students and elders. They also host a daily tea and the occasional string quartet.

2. Kayaking, Canoeing, and Stand up Paddle Boarding in Summer

Georgetown sits along the bend of the Potomac River. Many tourists get stuck in expensive, dinky little paddle boats circling the Tidal Basin. But locals know that the best outdoor experience in DC is kayaking beneath the Key Bridge and exploring the Three Sisters Islands and Theodore Roosevelt Island.

The best boat houses for renting kayaks and paddle boards in Georgetown are Fletchers, Thompsons, and Keybridge Boathouse. At each, you can go on guided kayak tours of the monuments or travel at your own speed, paddling where you please.

3. Georgetown University in Fall

If you’re a college basketball enthusiast, visiting Georgetown University may excite you. With an 104-acre urban campus, and a two hundred thirty year-old history, Georgetown University is sure to impress. If visiting in the Fall, you may want to stop by one of the local favorite cafes (Baked & Wired, Saxby’s, or The Bean Counter) to cross the campus with a coffee in hand.

Finally, you won’t need a nervous nineteen year-old to walk backwards and drone on for two hours to enjoy it. Strolling across Healy Lawn in a ‘self guided’ tour will do the trick. Also, due to DC’s seasonality, expect to see many oranges, reds, and yellows wherever you walk in Georgetown.

4. Ice Skating in Winter

From November to March, the Washington Harbor fountain is transformed into D.C.’s largest outdoor ice skating rink. Locals and tourists alike can rent ice skates and enjoy the high-end restaurants and festive atmosphere alongside the Potomac all winter long.

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