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After the Pandemic: Get Your Travel, Food, and Shopping Checklist Ready

After the Pandemic: Get Your Travel, Food, and Shopping Checklist Ready

Quarantined at home and catastrophe on the news, this pandemic has pounded our plans for the year. Not to worry, bad times are beginning to dull out. The re-opening of certain public outlets and the normalizing decrease of the infected cases means we can shift form pandemic to parties. There’s no time to sit around at home anymore, get ready to go out and have fun in the sun!  

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Even if the quarantine is over, that doesn’t mean the virus isn’t out there lurking somewhere. You cannot wander off inconsiderately, but at the same time, you cannot continue being sheltered at home. Both options can make your health vulnerable. Being irresponsible and roaming around without safety precautions increases the risks of contracting the virus. On the other hand, staying indoors for a long time can have an adverse effect on your mental health due to the lack of socialization. Furthermore, the lack of sunlight exposure can lower your vitamin D levels.

Prepare For Safer Travel Options

Research suggests that the safest options for travel and leisure after the pandemic are outdoor activities preferably in the daytime under the blazing sun. Some research suggests the warm climatic conditions and UV rays of the sun may shorten the life cycle of the virus. For all the outdoorsy and beach loving people, this is great news. It is time to prepare for cocktails at the beach and kayaking in the river. Post-pandemic travel options can range from hiking mountains to swimming in the deep blue ocean and everything in between. So book your schedule with long daytime outdoor trips and prepare to be under the sun.

Shopping Options

If you are going to be out in the sun for a long time, you better prepare for it. Clothes that offer not only sun protection but also comfort and breathability. Purchase performance shirts that stretch all the way to your wrists and cover most part of your skin since the scorching sunrays can have lasting effects on your skin. You’re most likely to be moving a lot so you don’t want to invest in apparel that restricts movement and gives you a hard time stretching your legs.

Comfortable and breathable attire will make travelling bearable for you. Swimmers should start looking for performance apparels with flexible material that is easily washable and dries off quickly. Spending long hours exposed to the sun can also put you at risk of skin allergies because of excessive sweating. It will benefit you if you spend on American made material that is antimicrobial. Think of it as another layer besides your mask that will protect you against the microbes.

Montauk Tackle

An American made coastal lifestyle brand that offers apparel with 50+ UPF, which means sun protection like never before. They have performance shirts that many people trust. Montauk clothing specifically designs their clothes to tackle the problems of sun protection. Their clothes present comfort and style.

The manufacture of Montauk items is a sustainable process; it involves the conversion of plastic bottles into fiber for clothing material. This fiber is also antimicrobial and certain apparels have anti wicking properties. The American made clothing brand offers clothing that can suit the needs of the people and saves the environment.


While preparing for sun-time activities, be sure to check out what Montauk Clothing has to offer. Choose wisely on the decisions for travel, shopping and food in the post-pandemic world. Montauk clothing can provide you the outfit that you can rely on.
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