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5 Perfect Outfits to Run Errands and Workouts

5 Perfect Outfits to Run Errands and Workouts

Some outfits make everyday life much easier. Your choice of clothes is a crucial decision when going through the physically demanding chores or workout sessions. You want to be able to move about with confidence and flare. Wearing the right outfit can motivate you for the challenges of a workout. Here are some outfits that work in and out of the gym.

Capri Pants

Most people would opt for yoga pants for casual outings; the elasticity along with comfort makes it a great choice for a casual setting and workout session. But what if you are looking for something more formal? This is where Montauk Tackle’s Capri pants come in, providing you the best of both worlds. Try putting on a stretchy Capri pant with minor contrasting details that matches with your top. This will make you pop out in front of your peers, giving you the look that you can rock during a light workout or a social gathering.

The Quarter Zip Light Weight Pullover

Running errands can be difficult, trying to run down multiple errands in a day means you will be out for most of the daytime. Whether you are sprinting to the grocery store or picking up your laundry, you want to make sure you wear a top that is light, fits well and offers good sun protection. Montauk Tackle offers American made breathable fabric on their quarter zip pullover and insures confidence and elegance. When picking a top, it’s important to make sure that it fits your body well.

Performance Shorts with Sports Bra

For the days when it’s just too hot to have a layer on and you need to get work done. Wearing performance shorts, such as Bermuda shorts or Boat shorts from Montauk Tackle Company defines an active and outgoing lifestyle. Shorts predominantly display a personality that prioritizes being mobile and has no time for hassle. Performance shorts are great when complimented with a matching top, tops that usually go well with them is a sports bra. Put on a jacket on a breezy day with shorts and sports bra and you have a fiery look that protrudes sexiness and confidence.

Anorak with Leggings

Save it for the rainy days, quite literally. A anorak can help you stay dry when heading to the mart or walking to the gym. Wear a Montauk Tackle Anorak with leggings, this outfit is destined to attract eyes. Be the pulpy bright colored fruit that attracts bees.

Polo Shirts with Jeans

Originally worn by polo players, the sporty heritage that this shirt brings proves its efficiency for active work. Polo Shirts are the answer for formal and informal wear. This multipurpose top is extremely useful and looks fabulous, wear it with the old-fashioned jeans and flaunt a look that never disappoints.


When picking out an outfit for physically demanding activities, it’s important to choose outfits that offer functionality, versatility, comfort and style. Montauk Tackle is an American clothing brand that offers clothing that encompasses those qualities.  Make sure to check out this sustainable brand that makes apparel with technologically advanced fiber.
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