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5 Best Public Golf Courses in the USA

5 Best Public Golf Courses in the USA

When you divert your attention to the best public golf courses, you start to understand how golf imitates life. You don’t have to book the most expensive private golf course to enjoy the game. Instead, look for a list of public golf courses that offer the most valued options in the United States.

Avid golfers would understand the value and significance of public golf courses. In fact, these golf courses function as the perfect way to have a vacation and play your favorite sport. Plus, the breathtaking view of these public golf courses never ceases to amaze people.

Since there is an abundance of public golf courses in the U.S., let’s narrow down the list to five to help you get started:

1.    Pebble Beach, CA

The thrill and excitement of golf on Pebble Beach is unlike anything else. It is an experience golfers remember for a lifetime. Primarily, some of the best golfers won champions on the same golf course. Each hole tells a famous tale of a golfer who managed to accomplish the impossible. The golf course has been a host of various prestigious tournaments including the U.S. Open Championship.

Pebble Beach golf course celebrates its glorious golf history and encourages enthusiastic golfers to play in the spiritual presence of giants. The golf course connects with California’s coastline, open-vistas, and cliff-side fairways. The sloping greens of the golf course would influence you to hit your best shot.

2.    Shadow Creek, Las Vegas, NV

It would be an understatement to view Shadow Creek as a charming golf course. Over the years, Shadow Creek has been a haven for golf lovers around the U.S. The geographical location of the golf course overlaps with the hot desert that connects with the city.

On paper, Shadow Creek may not come across as vibrant as the golf courses in California, but it offers a unique experience. After all, the greenness rolls over trees, hills, and even pairs with mountains. Comparatively, Shadow Creek golf course has one of the most breathtaking backdrops in the U.S.

3.    Bandon Dunes, OR

Every golfer deserves to play on a wind-swept landscape with rugged dunes. You can feel the presence of heightened nature at the Bandon Dunes golf course. Weather conditions change fast here, and you can expect each game to be different and unique. Despite lean conditions, the bounce-and-roll rate is high.

If you can master your golf game on this course, you can play anywhere in the U.S. Even professional golfers exercise their raw energy and power to make a good impression at   Bandon Dunes. If you want to explore and play golf in its finest state, you need to dwell and embrace the massive dunes to honor the essence of the game.

4.    Whistling Straits in Haven, WI

It was once an air force base that rests on the bluffs and offers a view of Lake Michigan. Whistling Straits golf course comes with seaside cliffs, saw grass, and endless bunkers. It is a perfect course to experience the most challenging game.

The morning mist of the tress and glazing Scottish presence in the golf course feels like you’ve moved to Ireland. The wind on the grass is heavy and feels timeless. If you want to play on a classic and European style golf course in the U.S., Whistling Straits makes an excellent choice.

5.    The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, SC

Ocean Golf Course’s harshness complements its beautiful environment. You will find thousands of bunkers that surround greens with their natural dunes. However, you will find the presence of saw-grass around each hole.

The highlight of the course is its ocean breeze that keeps you cool during hot days. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many American golf players prefer to play on Kiawah Island’s Ocean Golf Course to enjoy the cool breeze during the hot summer. The golf course also has a rich history of PGA championship and will be used as the main course for the 2021 PGA Championship.

Final Thoughts

The green and meticulous grass that stretches for hundreds of acres has the power to bring endless joy to golfers. The vast and clear golf course helps golfers concentrate better. In hindsight, it may just be what you need to realize your full potential as a golfer.

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