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3 Montauk Resorts Worth Checking Out.

3 Montauk Resorts Worth Checking Out.

Perhaps, after six months of living in lockdown, you’re interested in a weekend getaway to ‘The End’ of Long Island. Whether you’re driving in from Greenwich, NYC or you’re flying in, Montauk is sure to offer to you the restful ambiance and scenic horizons you’re seeking. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

While there are twelve great hotels in Montauk, and even more options a bit away in East Hampton, you’ll find our top three picks in Montauk below.

• Gurney’s Resort

As Travel + Leisure magazine writes, “Gurney’s is the only luxury hotel in the Hamptons that is located right on the beach — a major highlight that has kept it firmly set at number one.” Its waterfront location combined with its many amenities (more to follow) make it the ideal luxury experience in Montauk.

With six in-house dining options, foodies are sure to love Gurney’s. From an organic coffee and juice bar to their fine Italian cuisine and world-class wine at Scarpetta Beach, Gurney’s has truly anticipated every guests’ wants and wishes.

Reserving a slot at Gurney’s Star Island Tennis Courts is a great way for resort guests to stay active and enjoy Montauk’s temperate summers. While the air temperature on Montauk peaks at 79 degrees Fahrenheit, the sun is a pretty consistent companion.

• Marram

Located in town and on the beach, is Marram. With morning oceanside meditations, self-guided nature walks, complimentary cruiser bicycles, and an open-air fire pit each night, Marram knows luxury. Likewise, the entire boutique resort features warm color palettes, intent on blending in with the sand and local wild grass (after which the resort is named).

Marran invites guests to ‘engage with their surroundings’. As their website reads, “The 96-room hotel has both an innate and intimate sense of place that evokes the spirit of its natural, untouched landscape.” There is a strong emphasis on mindfulness and wellness at Marram, making it the perfect place to unwind.

• Hero Beach Club

Hero Beach Club is terribly cute. Each room has a Mid-century modern bungalow feel to it, and the whole place is made for fun. Located on the shore of Umbrella Beach, Hero guests can expect to spend the bulk of their time enjoying the outdoors.

In their words, “It is the perfect venue for daytime and sunset entertaining with bonfire pits, intimate seating, beautiful landscaping, and an unobstructed view of the rolling dunes.” One of Hero’s best features is its luxury pool and garden. All of their poolside furniture was imported from Bali, giving the place a natural, airy, international feel.

No matter which getaway fits your lifestyle, make sure to dress the part. A Montauk button down for dinner at Scarpetta is a perfect fit. And our women’s and men’s Sun Hoodies are light weight and have a 50+UPF sun protection for a full day of fun in the sun. Each is made with Montauk’s MTCdryprotect™ smart fabrics, with moisture wicking technology to keep wearers cool and comfortable all day long. Montauk’s fabrics are made from recycled bottles; an estimated four bottles have been repurposed into each shirt. Further, each is designed and manufactured right here in America. We do this because it allows our apparel to tell an amazing certifiably sustainability story—traceable and transparent. You can learn more about our recycled yarn here.

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