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3 Easy Breezy Winter Getaway Spots

3 Easy Breezy Winter Getaway Spots

Ice, sleet, and snow are not for the faint of heart. Most people dread the winter months that bring cold temperatures, high energy bills, and low doses of Vitamin D. If you’re like these individuals, and dread those winter blues, you’re already thinking about all of the many tropical places you can escape to! Here are 3 easy breezy winter getaway locations that will warm you up.

All three spots below have something in common. Hurricane recovery. We just visited the keys a few weeks back and let us tell you the recovery is spectacular and the resorts and restaurants have updated their game … it is truly better than ever. Puerto Rico and the Bahamas are in different stages of recovery but worth a look and a trip.

1. The Florida Keys
There is no denying the fascinating allure of the Florida Keys, especially to those suffering through the winter months. This string of tropical islands is connected to US Highway 1 and stretches to the United States most southern tip. This is the perfect tropical getaway you can just jump in your car to get to. Go enjoy the water, kayaking, fishing, swimming, hammocks, and other tropical sights.

2. Puerto Rico
If you want to leave the States without dealing with all the hassle of international travel, Puerto Rico is the place for you. Visiting Puerto Rico is the perfect way to experience an exotic island getaway without needing a passport. You’ll warm up in no time lying on the pink sands of Isla Verde. Snorkeling, diving, fascinating sights, delicious foods, and gorgeous beaches will have you forgetting your winter blues fast!

3. The Bahamas
These tropical islands are just a small jump from the Florida coast. There are several affordable flight and hotel packages available. The Bahamas are home to a wide variety of family-friendly activities like windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, sailing, diving, hiking, fishing and swimming. They are also home to some of the most gorgeous beaches where there is an unlimited supply of sun and fun.

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