Why We Make Our Apparel in the U.S.A.

Montauk Tackle Company was founded to design and produce the finest sportswear on the market. But it’s about more than that. It’s about celebrating this incredible land and its amazing people: the incredible coastlines, and the incredible communities that ply their waters; the mountains and forests, and the people and industries that thrive in them; the vibrant cities; the rural villages; the vacation getaways and the hardworking industry towns. It’s about the great American outdoors, and the great Americans who work and play in them.

We always intended to be 100% Made in the USA, because we wanted to give back to those places and communities, all of them hard hit by recessions and politics, global change and technological progress. We felt that supporting American industry and the world-class tradition of the American garment worker was the right thing to do.

We discovered an amazing thing as the company began to grow and expand its range of suppliers and partners. We found that buying local, and sourcing local talent also made great business sense. We quickly realized that local suppliers are the quickest and most energy efficient way to manufacture our products while maintaining our uncompromising commitment to quality.

Drawing on these efficiencies, we’re able to maintain the utmost standards at each point on the manufacturing chain while driving economic growth that touches so many American communities and industries.

It all starts with our fabric rep Cathy (NY) who has her group mill the fabrics to our specs (in NC), then Joann (NY) our sample maker, Tony (NY) and his group that make the patterns, Ming (NY) and his group cut all the fabric. Mike (NJ) and his group embroiders our logo. Denise (NY) and her shop do our silk screen work. Jeffie (NY) and her group sew it all together. Gary (CA) gets all of our size labels/hangtags/bumper stickers printed. Gee (NY) and his group provide thread and zippers, John (NY) and his people handle buttons. Beth (IL) keeps us stocked with poly bags, boxes, tape. Kathy (IL) does our UPC codes, Robert (NY) is our messenger/trucking service, Rosalie (NY) and her group handle warehousing, pick and pack for us, and Pat (NY) picks up or shipments. The employees at the Staples store in Lynbrook (NY) handle our office supply needs, Glen (NY) our accounts, Chris (NY) is our attorney, Jack (NY) services my truck, the Hess employees in Oceanside (NY) pump our diesel, Marcel (PA) is my right hand man for design/ads/website, not to forget Pete (NY), my other right hand man and Melissa (SC) is our sales guru.

Every garment that we produce is made possible by a huge, diverse group of talented American professionals and businesses, and every Montauk Tackle Company product you buy helps revitalize and energize those families, communities and American craftsman traditions.

We are now in our 5th year of running 24/7 at what I like to call “building market share one shirt at a time.” I thank you all for the great support you have expressed, for being fans and awesome customers. The repeat business is overwhelming and reassures us that we are on the right path. Buying American Made is the right thing to do, and I trust that you’ll continue to find as we do, it is more than that – American made is what makes it possible to offer you the finest outdoor apparel on the planet.


Ron Cesark